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Register a Horse


****Please Note:  If Registration forms are not filled in correctly and completely (this includes ALL whorls, scars, markings and coat colouration) the form will be returned to you without being processed.  It is in your best interest to make sure you are identifying your horse correctly.


If you want to compete in "official" or "graded" competitions you will need to register your horse. All horses in WA have a lifetime registration and are able to compete throughout Australia. A performance card of your choice can be issued to the horse upon registration, this is basically a "licence" to compete in your chosen discipline, you can have multiple cards if you have a multi-talented equine! Although your horse will be registered for life, along with your membership, the performance cards need to be renewed annually for a minimal cost.


Application for registration of Horse

Please ensure, before you send in the form, that the following information is complete. Incomplete or incorrect work will be returned. 

  1. All owners MUST be financial Senior, Junior, Company, Life or Hon. Life members, Associate or Senior Show Horse.

  2. All owners MUST sign the declaration form

  3. Please ensure that there is a contact telephone number on the form in case we have any queries.

  4. Horse names must be unique. You cannot use the same name as another horse nor can you change the spelling slightly or use a variation of the same name e.g. Black Beauty and Blak Beauty. See "Guidelines for Horse Registration" for more info.

  5. The form allows for six name choices. Please put more than one choice, you would be surprised how often we have to use your 2nd or 3rd choice. If you have a name in mind do not hesitate to contact the office on 9296 1200 to check that it is available, although please remember we do not 'HOLD' names.

  6. Please tick the box advising which performance card/s you require. You only need a performance card for the discipline/s you are competing in officially. 
  7. COST:  $150.00

Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your horse papers back. Once you have received your cards, please keep them in a safe place.

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